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Shaving Magic Pen

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These hair engraving pens are the most innovative shaving razor ever! They're ideal for precise outlining of face hair, hair styling, or creating complex hair tattoos. Using these luxury hair engraving pens is just like painting. It’s possible to make smooth and precise moves and shape hair in any imaginable way – just like drawing with a pen on a piece of paper!

If you compare a normal razor to this one, there's a huge difference. When you use a razor, you'll need complete mastery of it, but when you use the the Shaving Magic Pen, it feels like you're drawing a gorgeous tattoo draft on a piece of paper. It's so light, convenient and completely portable.

Decide on your next hair tattoo design and use the Shaving Magic Pen to have that draft turn into a magical hair art! Perfect for shaping eyebrows and beards!